Ellingham United Charities (CC no. 255749)

Grants are available towards heating costs, medical care, school/further education equipment costs, or towards projects for the benefit of the community.  These, of course, are not exclusive categories and people are invited to inform Trustees of their special needs.

Applicants must have resided in the Parish of Ellingham  for 5 years before applying .Advertisements for applicants are placed periodically in the “Tidings“, the church porch of St Mary's Church, Ellingham and the Post Office.

Kirby Cane Charities (CC no. 1079345)


  • The relief of Kirby Cane parishioners who are in need, hardship or distress
  • To promote the education of Kirby Cane people under the age of 25 and in financial need
  • To further the religious and other charitable work of the Church of England in Kirby Cane.

Please contact the secretary if you know of a deserving person or cause. Details can be found on their web site:
Kirby Cane Charities

Kirby Cane memorial Hall (CC no. 213794)

See Memorial Hall and History of Kirby Cane Memorial Hall.