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8th May 2018 - Kirby Cane & Ellingham Litter Pick

The warm, sunny day on the 8th May 2018 was a welcome change for those involved in the first litter pick in Kirby Cane and Ellingham. Part of the Big South Norfolk Litter Pick, supported by the district council, seven volunteers collected nine bags of waste and two of recyclable material from the roads and byways in the two villages. South Norfolk Council provided grabbers, gloves, high visibility jerkins and waste bags.

Large amounts of fast food containers and drinks cans were collected – a sad reflection on life today.  There is a ‘throw-away’ society, unable to dispose of their own waste responsibly; to counter this containers should be biodegradable. One of the stranger things found was a computer printer and two of our pickers found flooring waste, including tiles thought to contain asbestos, dumped near the footpath on the bypass.

Many thanks to: Lesley, Sarah, Betsy, John, Alison, Helen & Iain. 

KC-E Litter pickers

Another pick will be arranged this winter, so it will be easier to find the litter blown/thrown into the base of hedges. Meanwhile, if you see large amounts of litter or fly tipping, please contact South Norfolk District Council on 01508 533701.

2nd April 2018 - Rev. Julie Oddy-Bates retires

The Revd Julie Oddy-Bates, Priest-in-Charge of the Waveney (Geldeston) Benefice, which includes Gillingham, Geldeston, Stockton, Ellingham and Kirby Cane retired. 

Julie's husband, Peter Bates, also retired as editor of the Tidings magazine.

March 2018 - Vexatious behaviour

In 2017 a complaint was made to the Information Commissioner (ICO) by a resident, and the Parish Council received the result of  the ICO's deliberations (redacted).  This was the culmination of a period of several years during which the council had to deal with a large volume of work generated by the complainant, as documented in the ICO's decision notice.

24th March 2018 - Official opening of Ellingham village sign

Richard Lees explained how the new village sign came to be, see full article.

Ellingham village sign

Greater Norwich local Plan - January to March 2018

You might have noticed a snippet in the press about the GNLP. Well, as usual, it is not the easiest of council processes to follow but
here is my understanding of the situation so far. Please let me know if you think I’ve got something wrong. If you object to any of their sites please raise your concerns on their web pages – I found it difficult both to navigate and to find how to object - you will need to register. If you wish to comment, please do so by 15/3/2018. I hope the following will be of help to you.

The GNLP (http://www.greaternorwichgrowth.org.uk/planning/greater-norwich-local-plan/ ) will affect building development and the present consultation runs until 15/3/2018, see http://www.gnlp.org.uk/have-your-say/

“At this stage no decisions have been made about which sites should or should not be included in the emerging plan; however, where sites have been assessed, this document, and the supporting evidence in the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) give an early indication about their possible suitability.”

Kay Billig, our district councillor, informed the parish council that this is an initial consultation and that only about 10% of these sites will eventually be adopted. If/when they are, they will all have to go through the formal planning process. At the time of writing, there have been seven sites put forward for consideration within Ellingham and Kirby Cane.

The GNLP will be adopted in 2020 and the sites that have been selected will be built on between then and 2036. The sites shown at the moment were submitted up to 31/7/2017. The council are still calling for new (additional) sites to be put forward. The settlement summaries made so far “do not confirm that a site is suitable for allocation, or give any indication that planning permission would be granted”.

Sites sumitted in our area up to July 2017

GNLP’s Settlement Summary for the sites put forward in Ellingham and Kirby cane (see map):

Kirby Cane/Ellingham is classifed as a Service Village in the JCS. The settlement has facilities including a primary school, shop and village hall. The main development of Kirby Cane and Ellingham is concentrated around Mill Road, Mill Lane and Yarmouth Road, with estate development south of Yarmouth Road and on a more limited scale to the east of Mill Road and Mill Lane.

Three sites have been submitted for consideration for future development through the GNLP in Kirby Cane and four sites in Ellingham.

Site GNLP0344 is adjacent to the A143 to the north of Kirby Cane. Therefore, noise mitigation measures are likely to be required. The site is also slightly remote from the existing built up area and consequenetly less sympathetic to its built form. To the east of Kirby Cane sites 0348 and 0396 are located adjacent to the built up area within the Waveney Valley, and are all affected by a low chance of surface water
flooding. In terms of access, sites 0349, 0396 are more constrained than sites 0344, 0348 to the north of the parish which front onto less narrow roads.

To the south in Ellingham parish sites 0303, 0304 and 0305 are located adjacent to the built up area and within the Waveney Valley. Site 0305 is nearest to the local school. In terms of access, all of the sites to the south have potential vehicular access constraints, but these could be overcome through development and it is believed that subject to suitable footpath provision any potential impact on the functioning of local roads could be reasonably mitigated. Site 0306 is on Yarmouth Road some distance away from the settlement and consequently has poor access to services and is unsympathetic to the existing built form of the villages.

Overall, if Kirby Cane/ Ellingham is identified as a location for additional housing, a number of sites have been submitted which could be considered further, with site 0350 offering better access to the local school in comparison to other sites. The main constraint in this settlement is proximity to environmentally sensitive sites in the neighbouring Broads Authority area. As such further assessment may be
required to ascertain impacts and mitigation measures. In terms of utilities and local infrastructure, improvements to water recycling centre treatment capacity and sewerage infrastructure may be required.

I’ve left the GNLP’s typos in the above and I think, when they refer to site 0350 as having better access, they really mean site 0305.

Site/s, if selected, could have:

  • 0344 - residential and employment use, 35 to 45 homes
  • 0348 - residential, 20 homes
  • 0396 - residential, 25 homes
  • 0306 – residential, 10 homes
  • 0303 – residential, 11 homes
  • 0304 – residential 15 homes
  • 0305 – residential 32 homes.

Under the FAQs part of their site it suggests that we will find out what decisions have been made in our area in summer 2019.

There are various roadshows planned. Here are just a couple
of the more local ones:

  • 22 Feb (10:30-4:30) South Norfolk House, Long Stratton, NR15 2XE
  • 6 Mar (2pm-8pm) Loddon and Chedgrave Jubilee Hall, NR14 6NB

If you don’t have access to the internet, wish to comment but can’t access the online forms, or want to know more, you can contact the council regarding the GNLP on 01603 306603.

Please note that I am writing this in my personal capacity and not as a representative of the parish council.

Iain Wright