Mardle (chat). Share your ideas, memories, news and events.

If you have a question, ask - someone may know the answer!

It's good to talk

The phrase was used by the late Bob Hoskins and holds true today. There are several ways to get a message across the community, from the Tidings magazine that pops through the letterboxes of most households, the parish council's web site, notice boards and here on this very site.

If you know of an event, send it in and we'll put it in the calendar.

Do you compete in a sport? Let us know how you got on - too many of us are hiding their light under a bushel! What's the score?

What's your hobby or interest? We'd like to hear about it.

Need help? Write in and there might be someone out there to help you.

Something to sell? you could try the Facebook page called 'Ellingham and Kirby Cane village’. There neighbours can communicate with each other, or have items for sale.