Ellingham Football Club

Your local village football team. 

2015-2016 Season

Ellingham ended in top position of division two!

Our next challenge is to win the Bungay Cup. We are playing a semi final game on 27th April at Bungay FC Kick off 6 pm.

Ellingham FC 2015-2016

Back row left to right: Manager Darren Fowles, Sarah Hanlan, Callum Ling, Robert Mattocks, Thomas Ashford, Oly Sadler, Jordan Barber, Marcus Strak, Rory Bellis, Dominic Cullum, James Holden, Paul Hanlan, Karl Smith assistant manager.

Front row left to right: Rhys Gibbs, Nathan Ling, Christopher Lincoln, Mathew James, Raymond Masters, Johnathan Ward, Regin Masters.

Players not in the photo are: Keiran Gibbs, Roger Masters, Reece Evans, Mark Griffin, Scotty Parfitt, Jake Shipley, Olly Rushmere. 


Remember this?

I think this clip came from 1974. The club had just acquired changing rooms (that used to be the offices at Ellingham Mill).

Ellingham FC c1974

About us

Let me give you a little background of our club.

It was established in 1960, some 55 years ago. We still have football players living in the village from way back then, and now we have their sons and grandsons playing for us. 

Last season we got promoted to division 2 of the Lowestoft League.

27 young men have signed up in our club, some who have played for Ellingham for 14 years.

The team has been self supporting and self funding since 1960. 

Home kit sponsors: MC Griffin plumbing

Away kit sponsors: (vacant)

Wherry Inn (man of the match reward) - sponsor required.

We have had donations from the Kirby Cane Charities and Ellingham United Charities, to helps us repair and re-do plumbing, electrics, rabbit fencing, security (due to 3 break ins) and other incidentals that the club was desperate for. There still are many things that need altering or replacing, and half the fencing to complete. Currently we are trying to raise funds to afford a sit-on mower to maintain the ground as the one we use has broken beyond repair. 

We also hold 2/3 sponsor events a year to raise money to pay for renting our pitch, supplying medical equipment, training equipment, footballs, repairs, maintenance of the pitch and club house and much, much more.

AGM meetings are held at our club house, with the presentation night at the end of the season at the Wherry Inn, Geldestone. 


Les Rushmere is our secretary and has been for many many years. He used to play for the team in his youth as did his son. 

Vice Secretary, Treasurer

Sarah Hanlan is both Vice Secretary, Treasurer, general day to day organiser/overseer/ admin/ mother of all (ha ha). 

Chairman, Groundsman

Paul Hanlan Chairman, Groundsman, responsible for equipment, general support. He has been a consistent supporter of the team for a few years now, he reads the football well, he is respected by all the members, supporters, players of the team and his opinion has an impact through out, he is the 'father' to Ellingham FC.

Vice Chairman

Jack Adams has been our Vice Chairman for many many years and used to play for Ellingham in his youth. 


Mo is the President. Mo played for Ellingham when he was a young man and has followed us ever since, he has always had a place on our board and is a huge supporter, he also is our ball boy (ha ha). 

Vice President

Andy Masters is Vice President. Andy is the father of 3 of our players. He supports every week and we respect his opinion when it is given, we are lucky to have him on our board. 


Darren Fowles, Manager. He has played for the team for many, many years and has been playing football for approx 20 years. Darren took over as manager this season and as you can see has done an amazing job putting us in the top 2. He has signed some new players this season and we are going great guns. 

Assistant Manager

Assistant manager, Karl Smith, has played with us for a few years, previously playing with Earsham. He has great knowledge about the game and the players respect his decisions. Between Darren and karl they are taking our team to great places. 


Captain Ray Masters - an amazing player, he organises the players well out on pitch,has a calming influence on all players and he has the respect of every single one of them. 

Vice Captain

Vice Captain, Oli Sadler. This player is as dedicated as they come, his enthusiasm, charisma, and football knowledge just oozes from him, he plays for Bungay Sunday team also and he is a great asset to our team.